Scent of success



Technology has given us the incredible opportunity to connect with the world. The likes of and Tinder are allowing young Londoners to connect with each other like never before.

Expectations are unrealistically high, fuelled by the constant media crap that our celebrity-fixated culture is feeding the masses. Naturally, disappointments follow. The notion of looking at the ‘label’ has become the norm and, in most part, dating and mating –  a commodity.

When there’s twenty different types of bread on the shelf, it’s not surprising that we pick one up and then put it down as soon as we see a ‘better’ looking loaf. Spoilt for choice. The illusion of perfection has taken over our society – in dating and at work.

The competitive nature of London has taken us here: swiping left and right, whist waiting for the train on a platform packed with people, avoiding eye contact at all costs.

The scent of success is too alluring to resist.


B   x


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